BitcoinURI (bitcoinj 0.12 API)

🤔Your Opinion Matters 🔥 So Store It Safely On-Chain And Earn From It

💡Yup - Rate Anything on Any Website

Yup is a second layer social capital protocol built on EOS blockchain. It enables you to upvote or downvote all the content on the internet. It also facilitates a reward scheme and governance model centered around reputation, which means it pays you to rate the internet.
Here’s how you can get money and clout: Add the browser extension, it takes just two clicks and is 100% free. Click the Yup icon and rate anything, like cute pet photos, viral debates, top influencers, fun memes, gifs, or any random links. Then how to earn your tokens and influence? If others give similar opinions to you, you’ll earn YUPX tokens. The tokens can be swapped for Venmo or Amazon cash.
You can use the extension on any site. Additionally, some reactions on major social media such as Twitter likes, YouTube likes, Reddit upvotes, Google Maps ratings will be treated as Yup votes too.
Begin “yupping” right away and earn!

💡Koalament - Store Your Comment Safely

Koalament is an opensource commenting service that uses an extension to store comments on the Bitcoin SV blockchain.
Your comment will be bound to a key (label), that can be a URL, hashtag, brand name, topic, etc. No user, webmaster, service provider, etc. can remove your comments as a result of a disagreement between parties. It does not require any permission to access the browser’s data and your privacy is protected. So you can leave a truly censorship-free comment on any website!
It supports Chrome and Firefox browsers. The steps to install the extension and make things work are pretty much like Yup. But for Koalament, you have to log in with a specific wallet. The Koalament team charges a fee that in total wouldn’t pass $0.006 per comment to prevent users from spamming the network.
Enjoy the decentralized and uncensored web!

💡AltYes - Turn Your Browser Into Your Posting “UI”

AltYes makes it possible for you to share content on various social networks within a few clicks.
AltYes is providing a very user-friendly browser extension to completely socialize the internet on an unprecedented level. You can crosspost anything on different platforms. See a meme on Twitter? You can easily share it with your community on Telegram.? Find some useful knowledge on Wikipedia? Post it on your Facebook timeline right away.
With AltYes, you are also able to potentially earn some extra income for sharing your life and experiences with the world. If you share content to Hive blockchain, where this project is built, you might get some tokens as a reward. So you can enjoy the benefit of blockchain tokenization by simply surfing in your browser, without having to know all the ins and outs of programming.
It’s available for Chrome, Brave, Firefox and Netbox browsers.
Yes, turn your browser into your posting “UI” now.
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Software you would like to see added to HomelabOS?

Note, this is not intended to be an ask that anyone do anything to add this software to HomelabOS. Rather it's intended to capture the list of software I want to add eventually. Perhaps it will be of interest to others. I'm also curious to see what's on other people's lists.
Here's my top 3:
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Groestlcoin September 2019 Development Release/Update!

For a more interactive view of changes, click here
In our current world; bordering on financial chaos, with tariff wars, Brexit and hyperinflation rife, you can count on Groestlcoin to consistently produce innovation that strikes to take the power away from the few and into the many, even after a full five and a half years of solid development.
Here is what the team has already announced in the last 3 months since the last development update:

What's Being Released Today?

Groestl Nodes

What am I?

Groestl Nodes aims to map out and compare the status of the Groestlcoin mainnet and testnet networks. Even though these networks share the same protocol, there is currently no way to directly compare these coins in a single location. These statistics are essential to evaluate the relative health of both networks.


Source - Website

Groestlcoin Transaction Tool

What am I?

This is a tool for creating unsigned raw Groestlcoin transactions and also to verify existing transactions by entering in the transaction hex and converting this to a human-readable format to verify that a transaction is correct before it is signed.



Groestlcoin AGCore

What am I?

AGCore is an Android app designed to make it easier to run a Groestlcoin Core node on always-on Android appliances such as set-top boxes, Android TVs and repurposed tablets/phones. If you are a non-technical user of Groestlcoin and want an Android app that makes it easy to run a Groestlcoin Core node by acting as a wrapper, then AG Core is the right choice for you.

What's Changed?

Source - Download

Groestlcoin Electrum

What's Changed?

Android Electrum-Specific

OSXWindowsWindows StandaloneWindows PortableLinux - Android
Server SourceServer Installer SourceClient SourceIcon SourceLocale Source

Android Wallet – Including Android Wallet Testnet

What am I?

Android Wallet is a BIP-0032 compatible hierarchial deterministic Groestlcoin Wallet, allowing you to send and receive Groestlcoin via QR codes and URI links.

V7.11.1 Changes

Groestlcoin Java Library SourceSource - DownloadTestnet Download


What am I?

Groestlwallet is designed to protect you from malware, browser security holes, even physical theft. With AES hardware encryption, app sandboxing, keychain and code signatures, groestlwallet represents a significant security advance over web and desktop wallets, and other mobile platforms.
Simplicity is groestlwallet's core design principle. Because groestlwallet is "deterministic", your balance and entire transaction history can be restored from just your recovery phrase.

iOS 0.7.3 Changes

Android v89 Changes

iOS SourceAndroid Source - Android DownloadiOS Download

Groestlcoinomi Released

What am I?

Groestlcoinomi is a lightweight thin-client Groestlcoin wallet based on a client-server protocol.

Groestlcoinomi v1.1 Desktop Changes

Groestlcoinomi Android v1.6 Changes

Groestlcoin Java Library SourceAndroid Source
Android DownloadWindows DownloadMac OS DownloadLinux Download

Groestlcoin BIP39 Tool

What's Changed?

Source - Download
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The Real Fact About "The OOOBTC EXCHANGE"

The Real Fact About
OOOBTC could be an entryway and exchange platform for cryptocurrencies and Crypto-ecosystem placed in Singapore. OOOBTC provides heterogenous system functions like spot commerce, derivative instrument commerce, over-the-counter commerce, whole-network commerce, and decentralized commerce. Moreover, it satisfies the requirements of various investors. Our commerce system features a strong security mechanism and reliable underlying design, that provides investors with a dependable commerce expertise. Besides, the distinctive online commerce model of the ooobtc platform would with efficiency match the market depth of major exchanges around the world whereas providing even higher liquidity. looking forward to the total network commerce system, we tend to believe the ooobtc platform can become the biggest liquidity supplier of digital assets within the world.
We have been taking multifariously careful measures like cold storage system, 2-factor authentication and secret writing technology to cipher your personal account data, that permits you to possess assured protection of your fund. Security is that the most vital side of business follows. this is often why we tend to integrate similar good technologies to supply our purchasers with the very best guarantee of security accessible on the market. Currently, our distinctive options include:
a) Pool commerce – we tend to are capable of getting high commerce volumes and generating substantial profits in today’s exchange because of our integration with alternative finance homes and major commerce forces.
b) High-Performance Support -- OOOBTC commerce system adopts self-developed, superior core matching engine technology and leverages distributed computing technologies like Google wrench and BigTable. Thus, it will support huge synchronic computation and build the order process speed to reach 1,000,000 transactions per second.
c) Community commerce – we tend to are capable of providing users with a platform to that they'll transfer their good contracts so as to participate in a vigorous good contract community for trades, business, services, and exaggerated visibility.
d) Coin Suggestions – New and existing cryptocurrencies is submitted for thought by our community users via our web site. If we tend to see a digital quality obtaining a substantial quantity of support from its community, we are going to perform the due diligence and build a choice to list this quality.
OOOBTC order AND open-end credit SYSTEM
Exchanging crypto to order or exchanging order to crypto is one in every of the most important downside moon-faced by several cryptocurrencies and exchange, newbies notice it therefore laborious to key into cryptocurrencies, or trade cryptos on the exchange because of lack of changing them back to order or order to cryptos. OOOBTC exchange aims to stay things terribly straightforward and quick for beginner users trying to turn over into the cryptocurrency area. even though you've got ne'er detected of Bitcoin or Ethereum before, OOOBTC will an awfully smart job at making a hospitable and informative page that invitations users to explore this new endeavor.
With the debit/credit card implementation, one will simply withdraw and deposit order to get cryptos employing a straightforward step via Mastercard, verve, visa or the other acceptable card. additionally with the recent development and partnership with some order payment suppliers. we are going to embody order commerce against cryptos.
Example; USD/BTC EUOBX CAD/ETH AUD/LTC we tend to believe that this may facilitate solve the matter moon-faced by several cryptocurrency exchanges, OOOBTC aims to alter fast and convenient cryptocurrency defrayal, anyplace within the world, with none special restrictions or waiting time”.
supported the precise and secure technology, our terminal is ready to supply reliable and quality services that confirm you're ready to trade any of ooobtc currency pairs free from all the troubles
OBX Token is associate degree ERC twenty customary token and once persevered the exchange can get pleasure from dividends shared from the whole platform revenues. the number of Obx bonus is calculated supported the number of quality control at 00:00 on a day to day and also the commerce fee of ooobtc at this hour that is generally distributed at 02:00 universal time (UTC + 8) each day. sometimes all users get their bonus inside twenty-four hours. The bonus is paid on to users account while not the requirement of manual assortment. you wish to carry a minimum of one thousand OBX to get the bonus and keep them for over twenty-four hours. we are going to build a unified payment to users for OBX bonus, please rest assured and anticipate the bonus attain your ooobtc account. The daily dividend received by the users isn't a set range, the additional OBX you hold the additional profits you may receive
The OOOBTC Dividends and bonus system ar in six (6) section
i. Dividends in line with the whole value of all the currencies control in your OOOBTC exchange pocketbook.
ii. Holders of OBX Token can get daily dividend paid in OBX Token and this is often supported the whole range of OBX one is holding.
iii. 3. suggest a lover to get and hold OBX Token and you may get daily dividends paid as recommendation reward.
iv. 4. Register new users and acquire OBX Token paid as referral commission.
v. 5. Win OBX Token by enjoying games through the OOOBTC Game Center.
vi. 6. Earn dividends as our market maker, by commerce OBX Token daily on OOOBTC exchange you may earn dividends generated from our commerce fee.
The OBX commerce dividends calculation
OOOBTC we are going to use twenty - five hundredth of all commerce fees earned by ooobtc to shop for OBX from the market then distribute to users base on the OBX Bonus Program. moreover, all ooobtc Bonus moving forward are given to users in OBX rather than alternative cryptocurrencies listed on the exchange. we tend to believe this may modify our OBX Bonus system and match higher with our user's expectations.
Note: you'll visit; to examine however a straightforward example within which additional elaborate the bonus system as sited within the written report.
Gamers are arguably a good target market for blockchain applications like cryptocurrencies as they're wont to online payments and coping with virtual currencies that exist inside a digital scheme. Blockchain has provided the chance for the play trade one thing it absolutely was lacking for a protracted time - stability. Considering every few weeks a scandal concerning knowledge leaks takes form, this is often a long-awaited amendment that is especially necessary for the web indulgent and plays trade.
Finding an honest place to play your favorite games like casino, Poker, throw dick, Pet Box, Dice, Blackjack, Roulette, Lottery, Poker, Plinko and Slot games online might encourage be a true challenge, even for those players UN agency pay a great deal of your time researching and reading trustworthy reviews. though you'll truly notice an outsized range of really reliable and honest online casinos, it's not rare for somebody to open a casino web site with the intent to quickly reach the money. Luckily, that’s not the case with the ooobtc play platform, as a result of it's one in every of the foremost reliable places wherever you'll play some standard games safe and secure, victimisation cryptocurrencies solely and also the strength of it's that one will play these games without charge and win OBX Token while not losing cash, supported the concept of safe and accountable play,
ooobtc play platform is giving safe and fun setting wherever you'll play standard games, by commerce with a daily personal volume of zero.005 you may be given a chance draw and be a part of the ooobtc games and win OBX Token.
The Dice Game
Another nice game is named Dice, a crypto dice game. Here your task is to predict whether or not variety the dice can roll is higher or below a precise digit from the vary from zero.000 to 99.999. this is often not a classic dice game, however, it still offers you a prospect to use completely different systems as Martingale or D’Alembert to predict the ultimate outcome.
The Blackjack Game
Blackjack could be a classic card wherever your goal is to possess solely a pair of cards with a total that equals twenty-one. Also, you may win if the dealer features a lower score or an equivalent with additional cards. ooobtc play offers the essential variant of this standard game, therefore you won’t have any difficulties to start out enjoying it now
Daily OBX commerce volume over zero.005 BTC you'll have one chance to draw a lottery or the other games and win OBX Token, The zero commerce fees, and competition each runs daily from 12PM. UTC+8 on to 13PM. UTC+8 (1 hour only), OOOBTC reserves the proper to cancel or amend the competition or competition rules at their sole discretion, Invite five new friends to register associate degree account with success daily, you'll get another likelihood to draw the lucky wheel daily, All trades that we tend to consider to be “wash trades” won't count towards your total commerce volume for this competition, OOOBTC reserves the proper of ultimate interpretation of the activity and point for the awards; Please collect your award weekly or it's considered abandonment.
Charity Foundation
OOOBTC Charity Foundation (OCF) could be a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of blockchain-enabled financial aid towards achieving world property development. OCF aims to rework financial aid by developing the world’s 1st decentralized charity foundation to create a future wherever blockchain technology is wont to finish all kinds of financial condition and difference, advance property development and make sure that nobody is left behind, OOOBTC can present 100 percent of it revenge to OCF. one in every one of the key edges provided by blockchain technology is transparency, that is additionally one in every of the best challenges moon-faced by charities these days. “Donors don’t have the visibility on wherever their funds are going, and most donations don't reach their supposed beneficiaries. This lack of transparency causes a scarcity of trust, additional reducing the temperament for individuals to present to charity funds generally, we are going to partner with charity organization around the world and reach resolute those that desire support for care, education, water, shelter, and excellent care.
What we tend to do:
 Incubate entrepreneurs and comes to build direct investments
 Collaborate with alternative trade partner and participate as a platter
 We provide charity event like care services, youngsters education,
We support entrepreneurs in:
a) Funding
b) Go-to-market strategy c) Token Models & Distributions
d) Technical Review
e) Listing recommendation
f) Talent Recruiting
g) Digital promoting
h) Blockchain development
Blockchain Technology is dynamical the planet to a decentralized world associate degreed there's a desire to change an innovative and secure platform wherever users around the world will safety and simply exchange their assets, each day cryptocurrencies are gaining additional legitimacy and also the range of corporations that are acceptive cryptocurrencies keep increasing, we tend to at OOObtc believes in decentralization and giving power to the community members, we tend to additionally believe community building and partnership.
For more information you can follow the link below: Website :
Reddit :

Author ; cryptounique
Bitcointalk Profile URL:;u=2524596
Eth wallet : 0x00a9b763ff87ae5e9c6312779456144a06f6200f
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We are building a secure mobile wallet system called AirGap is a wallet solution, allowing the secure storage of secrets on a mobile phone with an approach of two mobile apps. Depending on the security needed these apps can be installed on separate devices or on the same device.
To get the highest security, the AirGap Vault application is installed on a dedicated or old smartphone, which will never be connected to any network again. With the enhanced entropy concept that adds video, audio, accelerator and touch data to the entropy seed alongside the device’s pre-shipped secure random generator it is possible to generate a cryptographically secure seed used for the secret generation on that very same device. This secret never leaves the device it was generated on. The private key is saved in the secure enclave of the mobile device and needs multi-step biometric authentication every time it is accessed to perform cryptographic primitives.
AirGap Wallet on the other hand will be installed on a user’s everyday phone. With this app, users can manage their portfolio of wallets and their valuations. AirGap Wallet deals only with publicly available information as opposed to AirGap Vault, which handles the private key.
How does a transaction work? Detailed step by step guide.
  1. Users can create a new transaction with an address, amount and a fee in AirGap Wallet.
  2. A QR code with this transaction is generated.
  3. This QR code is scanned with AirGap Vault, ensuring one-way communication only with QR codes.
  4. To sign the transaction the secure enclave is accessed with biometric authentication.
  5. The signed transaction is displayed in a QR code.
  6. The QR code is scanned by AirGap Wallet and broadcasted to the blockchain.
What if I want to manage smaller amounts?
AirGap Vault and AirGap Wallet can also be installed on the same device. In this case, the communication between the two apps works with app switching through an URL scheme. This allows the two apps to be entirely encapsulated, which is crucial: For example, AirGap Vault does not have any network permissions and thus is unable to send information out over the network, guaranteed by the operating systems sandboxing.
Which coins and token do you support?
Currently we support the Aeternity (AE) ERC20 Token, Ethereum and Bitcoin. We plan to extend this list in the future. These are all managed by the same private key/mnemonic secret.
We would be more than happy to get your feedback, comments and suggestions. You can also find more information on or on our Telegram channel.
Test our first version of AirGap Vault Android and AirGap Wallet Android. The iOS versions are currently in review, reach out to test it over Testflight.
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Some news you may have missed out on part 33.

-‘Project is ready’: Minister says govt going to build ‘Pakistan University of Media Sciences’
Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry on Monday announced the government plan to build a varsity titled ‘Pakistan University of Media Sciences’. He underlined that the project of the university was ready in first 100 days of the incumbent government.
In a twitter message this morning, Mr. Chaudhry said: “Alhamdolillah Pak University of media sciences project is ready in first 100 days of PTI Govt, this ll be our biggest contribution to Pak media industry.”
-GB govt approves weather allowance for employees
The Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) government has approved the provision of weather allowance to the government employees from November-February. The GB Finance department in a letter to the AG Office directed payment of weather allowance to the employees in November salary, an official press release said here on Monday. The department has released Rs471 million budget under the head of the weather allowance to the employees. It is pertinent to mention here that the last government had abolished the said weather allowance.
-Pakistan Railways comes up with a major project
The government is embarking upon a major project of laying a new double rail track from Karachi to Peshawar. Sheikh Rashid said that two new freight trains and Rehman Baba Express train will be launched on the 25th of next month.
-Pakistan and Malaysia agree to enhance cooperation in defence sector
Pakistan and Malaysia have agreed to promote mutual cooperation and defense ties to further strengthen their relations.
-Finding home in a foreign land: German photographer falls in love with the streets of Pakistan
Your daily "please love us whites" article. This one is a good read.
-Digital Currencies in Pakistan: State Bank of Pakistan issues important instructions
The State Bank of Pakistan has declared the digital currencies, tokens and coins as illegal, advising all concerned and general public to report those making transactions in digital currencies or coins to the Financial Monitoring Unit of the bank. The central bank issued a circular declaring that all digital currencies and coins including Bitcoin, Litcoin, Pakcoin and other are not legal tender thus are illegal.
HEALTH - Islamabad to get 200-bedded hospital with Saudi support: minister
A delegation from Saudi Arabia led by Abdullah Al Shoebi called on Federal Minister for National Health Services Aamer Mehmood Kiani today to discuss construction of 200 bedded hospital in Islamabad with support of the Saudi Government. The minister informed that the premises has been secured and is ready for construction to start. Federal Minister National Health Services was briefed that the 200 bedded Islamabad General Hospital at Tarlai will be established at a total cost of Rs.2499.993 (million) on land measuring 13.07 Acres.
-Federal Information Commission launched by PTI government
Information Minister Chaudhry Fawad Hussain says the Right to Information act will help bring transparency in the country to curb corruption. He was addressing a ceremony in Islamabad on Monday in connection with launch of Federal Information Commission for implementation of Federal Right to Information Law. He said the law will help journalists to seek information on various issues from the government departments. Each government department will be obliged to give information in ten days. If it does not comply, the case will be sent to the relevant Commission.
-Import of gold down by 12.8pc in four months
The import of gold in the country during the first four months (July-October) of the current fiscal year witnessed a decrease of 12.86 per cent as compared to the same period of the previous year. During the period under review, 165kg gold, worth $6.443 million, was imported against the import of 186kg gold, worth $7.394 million, in July-October 2017-18, according to the latest data released by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS).
-PM Imran Khan announces huge development and welfare package for erstwhile FATA
Prime Minister announced various welfare packages in the fields of health, education, employment and administration for the newly established districts of erstwhile FATA . PM announced 3 % of NFC share by all provinces for merged districts, early conduct of Local Bodies and Provincial Elections to ensure transfer of power to grass root level. He also announced Police Reforms and resolved to address all concerns of Levies and Khasadars by ensuring their jobs security. The Prime Minister announced system of Dispute Resolution Council (DRC) to ensure speedy justice and resolution of all issues through consultation. Imran Khan announced Medical College along with Hospital for North Waziristan District and South Waziristan District, University for North Waziristan District, Army Cadet College for North Waziristan District, health Insurance Cards to residents of merged districts, tele-medics system to fulfill deficiencies of specialist doctors. He also announced mega share from jobs for merged districts as offered by Qatar.
-Pakistan provides free heart treatment to visiting Sikh pilgrim
Pakistan on Monday provided free of cost heart treatment to a visiting Sikh pilgrim on humanitarian ground. 63-year-old Ratan Singh from India was rushed to Rawalpindi Institute of Cardiology Hospital when he suffered a cardiac arrest at Gurdwara Panja Sahib, Hassan Abdal. The doctors successfully conducted angioplasty on the ailing pilgrim, who is now recovering.
-President Dr. Arif Alvi has invited UAE businessmen to take benefit from vast opportunities of investment in Pakistan in various sectors, especially tourism.
The President stressed that that efforts must be made to further enhance bilateral trade to commensurate with its actual potential.
-For the first time in history Islamabad Police issued driving licence to transgender person
Following in the footstep of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government, the Islamabad Police has issued a driving license to a transgender person. On Monday, Alia Layla became the first certified transwoman driver in the capital territory Islamabad after passing all practical driving tests.
-IDEAS 2018: Largest ever Defence Expo in Pakistan with 262 delegations from 51 countries
The four day 10th edition of International Defence Exhibition and seminar, IDEAS '18 have commenced. Prime Minister Imran Khan is expected to inaugurate it. Five hundred twenty exhibitors from fifty countries including Pakistan will showcase their defence products in the exhibition. He said besides trade visitors, more than 262 high-level delegations from fifty-one countries including China, Russia, USA, France, Germany, Turkey, Poland, South Korea and host Pakistan are also all establishing their exclusive country pavilions at the EXPO center.
-PM Imran says Pakistan has unlimited potential for developing eco-friendly tourism
Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that Pakistan has unlimited potential for developing eco-friendly tourism.
Imran Khan took to Twitter sharing pictures of Karachi beach and snow covered mountains in the north saying, "From our beaches in the south to Fairy Meadows in the north, and the rich history of our Land, Pakistan has unlimited potential for developing eco-friendly tourism." The Prime Minister asserted that this is a commitment we are determined to fulfill God Willing.
-‘Pakistan provides conducive business environment to foreigners’
President Dr Arif Alvi said on Monday that Pakistan provided foreigners with a conducive environment for investment and hoped that investors from different countries would avail from the abundant opportunities that the country offers.
The president made these remarks while talking to envoys-designate of Thailand, Sri Lanka, Austria, Canada, Spain and Jordan, who presented their credentials to him in an impressive ceremony at the President House. The president said Pakistan wanted to further strengthen its relations with all friendly countries. He emphasised that regular exchange of bilateral delegations was essential in order to strengthen people-to-people contacts and to forge strong political and economic linkages.
HUGE - ExxonMobil set for comeback in Pakistan after nearly three decades: Report
After a gap of nearly three decades, ExxonMobil is gearing to re-enter the Pakistani market, as the world’s largest oil and gas company eyes it as an emerging economy with immense potential.
According to a report in Business Recorder, well-informed sources in the Board of Investment (BoI) said the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Irtiza Sayyed considers the Pakistani market as very significant considering its existing and rising quench for energy as it continues its economic growth trajectory. Mr Sayyed in a letter sent to the BoI stated ExxonMobil has been assessing its re-entrance into Pakistan since quite a while and has been assiduously hunting energy-related opportunities for past few years. ExxonMobil has made major strides to re-enter the Pakistani market which included acquiring a 25% stake in offshore drilling in May this year.
-Chinese delegation grants Rs3 million each to families of martyred policemen
Chinese delegation held a meeting with the families of martyred policemen at Chinese Consulate Karachi and granted Rs3 million cheque each to the heirs. The meeting was arranged on the request of Consul General China. The Chinese delegation offered condolences and expressed deep grief with the families over the loss of their loved ones. They also thanked to both the families for saving Chinese.
LOL - PTI government refuse to pay Rs 8 lakh bill for Senator Attaur Rehman cosmetic surgery
The Ministry of National Health Services, Regulation and Coordination has refused to pay a medical bill for the weight loss surgery of Senator Attaur Rehman. The brother of Jamat-e-Islami Fazl (JUI-F) chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman underwent a liposuction surgery to remove excess fat from his body around ten months ago at a private hospital in Islamabad, local media reported.
When Senate Secretariat sent the medical bill amounting Rs800,000 to the ministry concerned for approval, federal Secretary Captain (retd) Zahid Saeed rejected the bill citing objections on it. The objections on the bill were raised by Deputy Director General Dr. Minhadul Siraj, stating that the liposuction is a cosmetic surgery. He further added why the surgery was held at a private hospital when the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) has the same facility.
-Russian climbers to arrive in Pakistan for scaling K2, only 8000 metre peak in the World not been scaled in winters
Russian climbers are set to arrive in Pakistan in order to scale Nanga Parbat and K2. Three expeditions are expected to attempt to conquer the two peaks. K2 is the only 8000 metre peak in the world that has not been scaled in winters.
-India's vice-president lays foundation for Kartarpur corridor
Indian Vice-President Venkaiah Naidu on Monday laid the foundation stone for the construction of the Kartarpur corridor which will link Dera Baba Nanak in India to Pakistan’s Gurdwara Darbar Sahib Kartarpur.
-Punjab holds potential to become South Asia’s Silicon Valley: Minister
Provincial Finance Minister Makhdoom Hashim Jawan Bakht said on Monday that Punjab has the potential to become the Silicon Valley of South Asia.
He was addressing a ceremony held to celebrate the first Rs100 billion revenue collection through e-stamping by Punjab IT Board (PITB) and Board of Revenue (BOR). He said with the support of private sector and the formulation of systems like e-procurement and e-payment, the government is committed to placing Punjab at the heart of digital economy. “Despite enormous economic challenges that the government inherited, it is striving hard to achieve maximum economic growth with a low inflation environment. IT interventions are essential and much-needed in all sectors, especially to improve the overall efficiency of the government machinery,” he added.
-Asad Umar to chair ECC meeting tomorrow
A meeting of the Economic Corridor Committee (ECC) of the Cabinet would be held tomorrow (Tuesday) under the chairmanship of Finance Minister Asad Umar. According to a notification issued by the Cabinet Division on Monday, the finance division would be seeking directions from the government regarding an approval of a GoP guarantee to the National Power Parks Management Company Limited (NPPMCL).
-Pak Suzuki mulling to set up second auto plant, manufacture additional 100,000 vehicles a year: report
Pak Suzuki Motors is said to have procured 80 acres of land for establishing its second plant and manufacture an additional 100,000 vehicles a year.
According to a report in Business Recorder, the total investment as per plan by Pak Suzuki Motors would amount to $460 million and the land has been procured right next to its existing site. The Auto Industry Development Committee (AIDC) is set to meet on Wednesday to deliberate upon the enactment status of the auto development policy. This meeting is focused on reports that Prime Minister’s Adviser on Industries and Production is contemplating to grant Greenfield status to Suzuki’s new plant, as per well-informed sources.
Adviser to PM on Industries and Production, Razzaq Dawood is set to inaugurate Suzuki’s 2,000,000 car in Karachi on Monday.
Pak Suzuki Motors is planning to introduce four new cars and Suzuki Alto 660CC is expected to replace Mehran 800CC in April 2019.
-Pakistan EAC approved loan from World Bank
Economic advisory council (EAC) on Sunday gave approval to seek a loan of $42 million from World Bank for the poverty eradication programme announced earlier by Prime Minister Imran Khan, sources said.
-5 crore people across 36 districts in Punjab to get Health Cards
Provincial Minister for Health Dr. Yasmeen Rashid said on Monday that 50 million people across the 36 districts of the province would be facilitated under Health Card Scheme.
-First ever digital city in the history of Pakistan near Islamabad
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa IT Board (KPITB) is inviting investors for Pakistan’s first Digital City , to be based out of Haripur, on the outskirts of capital’s Margalla Hills. The plans of Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa establishing Pakistan Digital City were announced in October by Special Assistant to Chief Minister KPK, Kamran Khan Bangash. The Haripur site has been selected for its close proximity to the capital city of Islamabad and its newly built airport. The scenic location will provide land with a rich infrastructure to a diverse range of businesses and technology firms on the leasing module.
In order to build the Pakistan Digital City in accordance with industry requirements, KPITB has launched a preliminary demand form for investors to gain feedback and requirements from potential investors.
-Foreign diplomats shows interest in escalating trade activities with Pakistan
akistan can benefit in many ways due to its most exceptional geographical locations, which makes Pakistan a major entrance to the power & energy affluent Central Asian Republics while sharing borders with economic giants such as China, stated the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) President Almas Hyder.
LCCI president, Hyder also emphasized on the fact while addressing a 27-member delegation, including foreign diplomats from West Africa, Azerbaijan, Iraq and many other countries, that Pakistan offers an express link to the Central Asian Republics and China. Also, Pakistan is expected to turn into the trade and energy corridor to these countries in near future.
He also expressed that the Belt and Road proposal has already initiated the basis for a better trade, and CPEC is the leading stone towards the transformation of this dream into veracity. He also highlighted, that “Pakistan is a country with prosperous and miscellaneous economic base. Its economic actions range from agriculture-based raw material to aircraft manufacturing.”
Part 26
Part 27
Part 28
Part 29
Part 30
Part 31
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We are building a secure mobile wallet system called AirGap is a wallet solution, allowing the secure storage of secrets on a mobile phone with an approach of two mobile apps. Depending on the security needed these apps can be installed on separate devices or on the same device.
To get the highest security, the AirGap Vault application is installed on a dedicated or old smartphone, which will never be connected to any network again. With the enhanced entropy concept that adds video, audio, accelerator and touch data to the entropy seed alongside the device’s pre-shipped secure random generator it is possible to generate a cryptographically secure seed used for the secret generation on that very same device. This secret never leaves the device it was generated on. The private key is saved in the secure enclave of the mobile device and needs multi-step biometric authentication every time it is accessed to perform cryptographic primitives.
AirGap Wallet, on the other hand, will be installed on a user’s everyday phone. With this app, users can manage their portfolio of wallets and their valuations. AirGap Wallet deals only with publicly available information as opposed to AirGap Vault, which handles the private key.
How does a transaction work? Detailed step by step guide.
  1. Users can create a new transaction with an address, amount and a fee in AirGap Wallet.
  2. A QR code with this transaction is generated.
  3. This QR code is scanned with AirGap Vault, ensuring one-way communication only with QR codes.
  4. To sign the transaction the secure enclave is accessed with biometric authentication.
  5. The signed transaction is displayed in a QR code.
  6. The QR code is scanned by AirGap Wallet and broadcast to the blockchain.
What if I want to manage smaller amounts?
AirGap Vault and AirGap Wallet can also be installed on the same device. In this case, the communication between the two apps works with app switching through an URL scheme. This allows the two apps to be entirely encapsulated, which is crucial: For example, AirGap Vault does not have any network permissions and thus is unable to send information out over the network, guaranteed by the operating systems sandboxing.
Which coins and token do you support?
Currently we support the Bitcoin and a few other currencies thanks to the blockchain agnostic approach. We plan to extend the list in the future. These are all managed by the same private key/mnemonic secret.
We would be more than happy to get your feedback, comments and suggestions. You can also find more information on
Test our first version of AirGap Vault Android and AirGap Wallet Android. The iOS versions are currently in review, reach out to test it over Testflight.
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NinjaCoin will be listed on MERCATOX

The market for the BTC pair of "NinjaCoin" ($NC) will be opened and the trade will be started at 1 satoshi at Saturday, November 3, 2018. Now the "Airdrop campaign in which you can get NinjaCoin equivalent to 1 BTC" is going on and more than 6000 users have been applied so far.
To further build up the rapidly expanding NinjaCoin community, the project plans to introduce a payment method using NinjaCoin in luggage depositories in Tokyo Metropolitan Area. In addition to that, the project is preparing for releasing services for connecting with wallet services and social tipping. Don't miss it.
It is decided that "NinjaCoin," a cryptocurrency that Hands Free Travel Association develops and operates, will be listed on a cryptocurrency exchange market MERCATOX (Wtc 1cv New London House 6 London Street, City Of London, London, England, United Kingdom, EC3R 7LP, Company registration number: 10463744).
MERCATOX ( is a cryptocurrency exchange platform located in London. MERCATOX has track record in trade of major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and a lot of Japanese cryptocurrencies are listed. The market for the NinjaCoin/BTC pair will be opened at Saturday, November 3, 2018 and the trade will be started at 1 satoshi.

About NinjaCoin Project
NinjaCoin aims to become a currency that is commonly used by travelers all over the world. NinjaCoin is developed and promoted mainly by a NPO "Hands Free Travel Association". NinjaCoin is a digital asset issued on a blockchain and a currency for the next generation to which various functions are added using the smart contract technology. NinjaCoin aims to be used as a key currency for "Tebura" that is a distributed tourist service platform in which providers of travel and tourist services can meet up with travelers on the internet to freely provide their services.
This platform enables anyone to provide tourist services to users in a P2P scheme. There is no rule that is stipulated in a centralized manner and members of the community are allowed to freely define the price and conditions of the service. This project creates a fair and democratic travel economy and supports to resolve issues in travel and tourism business and develop the local economy. Furthermore, the project aims to finance NinjaCoin to people in a region who have not been able to travel abroad due to the economic level of the country as well as the existing travelers and businesses. This scheme provides a mechanism in which the people can earn and reimburse NinjaCoin by providing services to travelers via the Tebura platform and further develops the travel economy.

Current aggregate value of NinjaCoin / policy for protecting token owners for listing
NinjaCoin Project has raised fund of more than 700ETH from angel investors and cryptocurrency funds. This project discloses its policy for the current aggregate value of NinjaCoin to everyone who want to own NinjaCoin to gain understanding of them as possible. A part of the policy of the project is described below:
Generally current aggregate value of a cryptocurrency is calculated as follows:
Total number of issued coins x Unit price of the coin = Current aggregate value of the coin
35 billion coins of NinjaCoin has been issued. The unit price of the coin is determined by defining the current aggregate value while comparing with the other projects that are appropriately comparable to NinjaCoin Project for various points and considering the situation of market. As a result, the current aggregate value of NinjaCoin is determined to be 300 million yen as of October 2018. For the listing, the total number of issued coins is changed to be 35 billion coins\2) while assuming the current aggregate value of 300 million yen and the unit price of 1 satoshi \1*3). After NinjaCoin is listed on MERCATOX, the current aggregate value is calculated based on the trading price in the secondary exchange markets including MERCATOX.
*1: 1 satoshi is the minimum division unit of Bitcoin.
*2: There has been no request for refunding so far after the measure for protecting existing owners of NinjaCoin was announced to the owners.
*3: It is not planned to change the total number of issued coins in the future.
We deliberately explain its policy for the current aggregate value to people who want to own the cryptocurrency because there are increasing cases in which a token or cryptocurrency is put on sale at an excessive price and the price slumps after it is listed.
We disclose our policy for setting of the current aggregate value in advance and recommends to own NinjaCoin if you can agree with the policy. We have discussed and reviewed the current aggregate value with the project members and external advisers and appropriately adjusted it along with the situation of the market and progress of the project.
In addition to that, this project locks up NinjaCoin that is owned by large holders and project members as well as considering appropriate exchange market and method for listing to protect owners of NinjaCoin as possible. For the listing of this time, we selected MERCATOX because it is an exchange market where it is allowed to start the trade at 1 satoshi which is the minimum division unit of Bitcoin. Furthermore, we confirmed that more than 90% of NinjaCoin that is already owned is in the lock-up period to prevent selling pressures from large holders with utmost consideration. For owners of NinjaCoin that is not in the lock-up period, we will continuously try to make them hold NinjaCoin for a long time by developing new product, conducting marketing campaigns, and regularly providing information and communicating with them. We will also execute a measure to guarantee that our project will buy out NinjaCoin at 1 satoshi for users who newly own NinjaCoin for one week from the start of trade in MERCATOX.
This project aims to develop NinjaCoin and Tebura to become a platform that is autonomously operated in a non-centralized manner and ultimately disassemble Hands Free Travel Association. We will enforce measures for protecting owners as possible to appropriately control and contribute to the process of development.

Background of listing on MERCATOX
Since its establishment, NinjaCoin Project has not announced or discussed any plan for listing on a cryprocurrency exchange market. However, it became able to introduce NinjaCoin to several luggage depositories operated by Hands Free Travel Association in Tokyo Metropolitan Area and we received some requests for using NinjaCoin for payment in actual stores. We considered that it has become necessary to provide users with a measure to obtain NinjaCoin in the market. Then we started to consider the listing.
In addition to that, after one year has past since the project started, we concluded that it is required to provide an option to mobilize the asset owned by the holders who have owned NinjaCoin for a long time and supported the project. We will conduct development and marketing activities to enable NinjaCoin to be used for various travel services and cryptocurrency applications.

Progress of on-going Airdrop campaigns
NinjaCoin Project is in the middle of Airdrop campaign in which you can get NinjaCoin equivalent to 1 BTC that started on October 15 to commemorate the listing. More than 6000 people have joined the campaign from all over the world. In the community that this project is operating in Discord, vigorous discussions are taking place among the users regarding NinjaCoin, blockchain, and issues in travel business industry. The application for the campaign will be closed in November 15, however, please apply soon because the limit is set for the capacity.
* Refer to the press release in the URL below for the detail of and application for the campaign:

NinjaCoin Project and its operating organization
NinjaCoin Project is a non-profit project operated mainly by Hands Free Travel Association and SamePage Ltd. In addition to the two companies that constitutes the operating organization, the project has an advisory board that is constituted with such as a person who came from Silicon Valley and succeeded in IPO (stock listing) in a Japanese IT company, a representative of a development subsidiary company of an IT company that lists the stock on TSE's Mothers market, and a representative of a domestic cryptocurrency fund. Furthermore, various members join from such as Bangladesh, France, Hong Kong, the United States, and China to constitute a global team. SamePage Ltd. ( that is engaged in the development has plenty of track record such as the award in the business plan contest held by MIT and venture support programs provided by Osaka and Kobe Cities. It has developed a lot of blockchain applications since this project started.
See the official web site of this project for the detail:
Official web site:

Campaigns held before listing on MERCATOX and release schedule
NinjaCoin Project plans to held the following campaigns commemorating the listing of this time:
* Although we have already received the approval for listing from MERCATOX and the required procedures have been completed, the date of the listing might be changed due to the condition in the exchange market. Thank you for your understanding in advance.
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Raspberry Pi Home Dashboard

I had a few requests of my home dashboard, and wanted to share with everyone how I put it together.
What you'll need:
Step 1: Instructions to Set Up the Raspberry Pi Itself:
Step 2: Set up the HTML File to Display
  1. Background.png
  2. Dashboard.html
  3. News.html
  4. Map.html
  5. Stocks.html
  6. ToDo.html
  7. Weather.html
  8. Calendar.html
FINAL Comments. This project probably took me 1h to set up the pi. And 4ish hours stumbling around to get the dashboard set up. My only real outlay was a monitor mount and a new monitor. Best of luck!
EDIT Here is the link for the current version of the dashboard. I removed the traffic for the weekend, but this is the dashboard. I have some formatting I really want to do (headings et al), but this should be a decent start. I have also included the color scheme I used.
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Hardware Wallet Standard | Jonas Schnelli | Aug 16 2016

Jonas Schnelli on Aug 16 2016:
Unfortunately, there is no standard in how desktop- or mobile-wallets
can interact with a hardware device resulting in wallet vendors adding
plugins with proprietary code for non-standardized interfaces.
I started a BIP (extreme draft, feel free to improve language, grammar
and content) to address this missing part of the ecosystem.
I think it would be extremely helpful if @ledger, @trezor,
@voisin/@breadwallet, @electrum, @bitpay (and more?!) would help working
on a such standard.
The BIP describes two approaches how to communicate (pipe and
URI-scheme) with the signing-devices app, although, in my opinion, all
major platform do support the URI approach (maybe we could drop the pipe
approach then).
The URI approach means that there is no need to configure the
application location in order to start a inter-process(-app) communication.
---- BIP (rough early stage draft)
BIP: ???
Title: Detached Signing
Author: Jonas Schnelli
Status: Draft (early stage!)
Type: Standards Track
Created: 2016-08-02
== Abstract ==
This BIP describes a way how wallet applications can decouple sensitive
privatekeys from the internal keychain and interact with a
signing-devices (hardware wallet, "cold" storage) over a generic
interface in order to get signatures.
== Motivation ==
It seems like that the current approach for allowing signing-devices to
interact with third party wallets is to build a plugin [1][2][3]. Adding
plugins for each hardware wallet type will increase possible security
issues and result in multiple proprietary-third-party code within the
wallet application with very similar structures.
A generic interface how wallets can interact with signing-devices would
result in better user experience, less critical code and simpler
adaption for various signing-devices.
== Specification ==
In order to support desktop- and smartphone-wallet-applications, this
BIP describes two slightly different approaches (process pipe and URI
call) in how to interact with the signing-devices. If possible, the
modern URI approach should be chosen.
=== Signing-Device-Controller-Application ===
To allow a generic interface while still allowing different ways how to
internally communicate with the signing device itself (USB, TCP/IP,
air-gapped Qr-Code scanning, etc.) a controller-application is required.
=== General signing process ===
The wallets signing process must be according the following principal:
or message together with metadata (scriptPubKey, hd-keypath of the inputs)
signing-request-object, eventually shows UI, user can sign or cancel
signing-response-object with signatures or an error
creating process (example: add signatures to transaction and broadcast)
=== Desktop Process Intercommunication ===
Desktop wallets can interact with a signing device over process
intercommunication (pipe) together with a
As specified below, the signing-request-object is a URI string passed
through the pipe. The desktop wallet needs to wait (with a recommended
timeout between 1 and 5 minutes) until the signing-response-object will
be sent back by the signing-device-controller-application.
=== Smartphone/URI App Intercommunication ===
Smartphones and modern operating systems are trying to sandbox
applications and interprocess communication (on pipe level) is mostly
On smartphones, we must use URI-schemes.
The wallet can pass information to the
signing-device-controller-application by using a predefined URI scheme.
The querystring must be URI encoded.
RFC 2616 does not specify a maximum length of URIs (get request). Most
modern smartphone operating system allow URIs up to serval megabytes.
Signing complex data-structure is therefore possible.
The returnurischeme must contain a URI schema where the
result of the signing process should be returned to.
The returnurischeme must be populated and "opened" once the signing
process has been completed (or cancled).
=== Signing Request ===
The signing request is a flexible URI-Query-String that will be used by
the Signing-device-controller-application for user confirmation as well
as for creating the signature.
The URI-query-string must conform to the following format:
type = type of the data to sign
data = raw unsigned bitcoin transaction or text-message
(optional)inputscripts = scriptPubKey(s) of the inputs in exact order
(optional)inputhdkeypath = hd-keypath of the inputs in exact order
(optional)returnscheme = a URI scheme where the response must be sent to
(smartphone approach)
  • inputhdkeypath or inputscripts must be provided.
=== Signing Response ===
The signing response is a flexible URI-Query-String that will be sent
back to the wallet application and must contain the signatures or an
error code.
The URI-query-string can be opened (smartphone approach) or will be sent
back though the interprocess pipe.
In case of ECDSA, the returned signatures must be normalized compact
signatures with the size of 64bytes (128 hex chars).
==== Possible error code ====
0 = no error
1 = user canceled
2 = timeout
10 = missing key identifier (missing HD keypath or input scriptpubkey)
11 = unsupported signing type
12 = could not resolve script
50 = unknown internal error
==== Examples ====
===== Simple p2pkh transaction =====
Unsigned raw transaction:
(input ced97f90d7d10a767dfd2bed769ac42cc48be1d3e648f1bfb5dbb70f9dd13cfd
vout:1, output: P2PKH mtgQ54Uf3iRTc9kq18rw9SJznngvF5ryZn 1 BTC)
signing-request URI must be:
The inputhdkeypath is optional in this case
signing-response URI must be:
===== Simple a bitcoin message =====
Message: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
signing-request URI must be:
signing-response URI must be:
=== Support for multiple signing-devices ===
Must operating systems allow only one registered application per
URI-scheme. To support multiple signing-devices, wallets and
signing-devices can optional add support for brand based URI-schemes.
In addition to the standard URI scheme,
signing-devices-controller-applications can register an additional URI
scheme (with the identical request/response syntax and logic) including
a brand-identifier.
Registering a brand-identifier based URI scheme without registering the
default URI scheme is not allowed.
Wallets can detect if a certain brand based URI scheme is supported and
therefore gives user a selection if multiple signing-devices where
detected [4][5].
Supported brand-identifiers are:
  • trezor
  • ledger
  • keepkey
  • digitalbitbix
== References ==
== Acknowledgements ==
== Copyright ==
This work is placed in the public domain.
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The news is quite sparse right now - there is very little worth mentioning this week, so we are going to ease off the weekly updates and try for possibly bi-weekly or as-needed updates.
Forks: 116 (Bitcoin: 74 Altcoin: 20 Historic: 22) - Exchanges: 91
Forkdrop Suite status update:
Disappointingly,'s .onion access point has been down for over a week. Nobody has responded to our support ticket and it looks like it isn't a high priority for them. :(
In response, we have patched Forkdrop Suite to allow you to specify an Electrum server to query transaction record history from rather than You will need to choose a server to connect to, and there are lists available if you search for them, but the results for whether they are still online and quick to respond to queries are mixed. Works fine with this server:, but choose your own server depending on your use case.
You can query this Electrum server from TAILS by giving the options to --electrum-server s7clinmo4cazmhul.onion --electrum-port 50001 --electrum-no-ssl (SSL is not needed/wanted/possible over Tor, since the concept is redundant with the onion routing and the .onion url scheme)
If you are running from non-TAILS (using --not-tails), giving will default to SSL and port 50002
We wrote an article to cover this top in more detail: and have edited the rest of our guides on the site to cover this new option.
We are still hoping that fixes their access, since that is most convenient and easy to understand for a novice user. However, this Electrum option provides a decentralized alternative for those that really need it. If anyone is aware of a different block explorer with a .onion access point to fill the void (or is interested in hosting one), let us know.
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We are building a secure mobile wallet system called AirGap is a wallet solution, allowing the secure storage of secrets on a mobile phone with an approach of two mobile apps. Depending on the security needed these apps can be installed on separate devices or on the same device.
To get the highest security, the AirGap Vault application is installed on a dedicated or old smartphone, which will never be connected to any network again. With the enhanced entropy concept that adds video, audio, accelerator and touch data to the entropy seed alongside the device’s pre-shipped secure random generator it is possible to generate a cryptographically secure seed used for the secret generation on that very same device. This secret never leaves the device it was generated on. The private key is saved in the secure enclave of the mobile device and needs multi-step biometric authentication every time it is accessed to perform cryptographic primitives.
AirGap Wallet on the other hand will be installed on a user’s everyday phone. With this app, users can manage their portfolio of wallets and their valuations. AirGap Wallet deals only with publicly available information as opposed to AirGap Vault, which handles the private key.
How does a transaction work? Detailed step by step guide.
  1. Users can create a new transaction with an address, amount and a fee in AirGap Wallet.
  2. A QR code with this transaction is generated.
  3. This QR code is scanned with AirGap Vault, ensuring one-way communication only with QR codes.
  4. To sign the transaction the secure enclave is accessed with biometric authentication.
  5. The signed transaction is displayed in a QR code.
  6. The QR code is scanned by AirGap Wallet and broadcasted to the blockchain.
What if I want to manage smaller amounts?
AirGap Vault and AirGap Wallet can also be installed on the same device. In this case, the communication between the two apps works with app switching through an URL scheme. This allows the two apps to be entirely encapsulated, which is crucial: For example, AirGap Vault does not have any network permissions and thus is unable to send information out over the network, guaranteed by the operating systems sandboxing.
Which coins and token do you support?
Currently we support the Aeternity (AE) ERC20 Token, Ethereum and Bitcoin. We plan to extend this list in the future. These are all managed by the same private key/mnemonic secret.
We would be more than happy to get your feedback, comments and suggestions. You can also find more information on
Test our first version of AirGap Vault Android and AirGap Wallet Android. The iOS versions are currently in review, reach out to test it over Testflight.
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Steemit is probably control grid. The litmus tests are it's bitcoin basis, avaricious virality, people like WAC supporting it, and that they suppress 'conspiracy'

Steemit is based on bitcoin, they claim. That makes it censorship resistant, they say. We honestly don't know their backend, we have to trust that they aren't casting an illusion on us by publishing technical details of steemit's working that don't actually match reality. It would be trivial to spoof the alleged activity and mechanisms of bitcoin on steemit. If you don't get to see the backend, you just have to believe them. They use their own steemit currency also.
It does seem, however, to be legit if people are getting paid. But there are ways to spoof that could have an internal currency and 'curators' who decide what something is worth (see the 'bernie sanders scam dollarvigilante' post below).
For example, the US government has unlimited money ('QE') to spend on a successful propaganda campaign to destroy reddit. After all, knowledge is power and the total fucking distrust of the american people towards the government is priceless.
Secondly, if Bitcoin itself is a scam, then steemit is a scam too.
Bitcoin involves cracking a code. Who has the most / best equipment to crack codes? The NSA. They have a few trillion dollars invested in a whole building that is a computer. Because of US Military Intelligence's (USMI's) NSA PRISM, bitcoin is an Elitist system you no longer have access to. I'll expand.
You can no longer make money on it if you didn't get in on it from the get-go. It's a ponzi scheme. In order to mine for bitcoin, you have to have expensive equipment. You can't buy enough equipment now to make enough bitcoin to pay for it and make a narrow margin, because of the way the system has worked. In the beginning, mining was easy, but now it's all mined out and more computer power + time is needed to unlock harder puzzles. That's just how it works.
So to start now, you'd need an astronomical investment in computer equipment and lots of spare, discounted energy, like for example a solar farm. No one has that. It's inherently more elitist as time goes on. If you started now, with your computer, it would take over 20 yrs on average to get a bitcoin block, if you ever did get one--which you might not.
My point is that bitcoin has always been elitists, never democratic. It was never based on anything other than who has the most energy and technology. People who got started early have the equipment, so does the USMI. USMI also has unlimited power: they have excess coal reserves, some hydro, some solar and wind, and lots of natural gas and fracking petrol; they also have nukes, which means 'cheaper oil than everywhere else in the world....or else'.
Therefore, the people who will have the most bitcoin at the end of the day is the US military and the 1%, period.
It's also pretty clear the NSA are developing quantum computers. People have speculated that bitcoin at present does not use quantum safe algorithms, and therefore at some point the US Mil can steal all the bitcoin that hasn't been transferred into a paper wallet. That paper does no good either because the moment that bitcoin is put into a usable electronic wallet and a firewall opened, bam, it could be taken by an omnipresent AI agent that's running as several autonomous micro instances in your dishwasher, nest AC controller, your amazon dash button, your iphone, etc.
First they fight you, then they win
Only Governments engage in activities that involve inhibiting or threatening cryptocurrencies (and it's useful to mention they fight crypto tools generally...they fought pgp, they fought phpphone, they fought tor, they fought i2p, freenet, torrent, VPNs, they totally undermined SSL with heartbleed, etc).
Then the Silkroad busts. Other darknet sites. Hacks on bitcoin exchanges and banks. Threats of TOR being undermined, heartbleed SSL bug making everyone question everything's security.
Who ended up with that money? The 1%.. The NSA? <-- coin telegraph or cointel-egraph
You will notice the US Government fought bitcoin at first, trying to rope in the IRS, the SEC and trying to lawyer up on bitcoin, threatening everyone who was playing, and dissuading everyone from getting in on bitcoin. (interesting, eh?)
Until the moment they seized the 20M or so in bitcoin from silkroad. And that happened around the same time the exchanges were starting to be compromised and bitcoin stolen. Then suddenly, the US changed its tune and bitcoin is no longer a threat. Why is that? Think!
It's that now that bitcoin has value (ie: bitcoin now has the potential to be exchanged for goods and services because of the public's trust of the currency to have said value), and that if the US has the lion's share of bitcoin, well they wouldn't to go fighting against a currency because that would only destroy its value. They aren't going to destroy their own wealth, or act against it, in other words.
Avarice and SCAM
When I first went to Steemit, this article was prominent. Now you can't find it unless you search. Everyone should read, esp. about how Sanders is abusing the system.
Yet, it's now back up to 2k+ Which is good.
Also this user 'knows the CEO' and made 12k in one month, isn't that something. Too bad I don't know the CEO
and yet
Conspiracy tag suppression
WAC supports it, so it's control grid
Fluke, you are my faaather
But! Corbett supports it
I trust James Corbett, but I don't know why he's so quick to jump on steemit. Seems premature, especially since they clearly suppress the conspiracy tag.
And knowing the relationship of bitcoin to power (it's a petrol-backed currency!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), and given he's made a documentary based on the history of petrol, he should know better than to back a dubious cryptocurrency based on oil. Period.
Trust but verify
I'm ok with something new. In fact I tried Steemit and I like it. However, very few saw my post, nor will many. Because it was tagged conspiracy as primary, and conspiracy will not show up in lists. You have to get to conspiracy by gaming the url manually. That's lame.
No Response from Support I've told steemit about this, but I've not even gotten an email response to say, we'll respond when we can. It's literally gone into a black hole. Steemit also did not respond to another unrelated support question I sent days before the 'glitch' support email.
If you think I'm 'throwing shade' on steemit, I'm not. I'm asking valid questions and pointing out things you might have missed. Shill away if you must, but I'm pretty much convinced that Steemit is just control grid, designed to fragment the /conspiracy and other communities on reddit primarily (since it's an alternative to reddit). They tried this with voat and they are trying again by monetizing it. You see that's the killer app. Trying to tempt you with money. Only problem is, it's based on bitcoin and it pays out ... what if bitcoin falls it was designed to do....all along.
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AMA Brandan Eich - Creator of Javascript, Mozilla Firefox & Brave Software in Ark slack

boldninja @brendaneich hi Brendan welcome to Ark slack - Brendan is the creator of JavaScript, co-founder of Mozilla / Firefox & Brave Software and today we'll host AMA with him regarding his upcoming project BasicAttentionToken
moobox i think i'm gonna forget about bitbay and keep it
dr10 hi brendan
brendaneich hi
dr10 nice to have you here :smile:
boldninja hi Brendan - thanks for joining us today
brendaneich happy to be here @boldninja
tranzer hi @brendaneich , I have a question regarding BAT. Will you have limited number of tokens or will you have inflation? When do you plan to start ICO? (edited)
michaelthecryptoguy Hello Brendan. Nice to have you in the ark community slack channel
mward Hello
moobox the ironies of old age. you can afford the sports car you dreamed of as a kid, but your back hurts too much to sit in it.
dr10 Will Mozilla- and Chrome-Plugins be usuable for Brave browser? Will Brave Browser be able to sync bookmarks?
mike hi brendan
cannabanana is the BAT token just an ETH asset or will it be a new blockchain technology? if the first, why ETH instead of your own block chain? :smile: (edited)
brendaneich @dr10 two questions, first one first
jonathansampson @dr10 Chrome extensions are supported today, I wrote a short walkthrough on how we (I'm an engineer on Brave) test extensions before adopting for official support. Happy to answer any questions you may have. (edited)
brendaneich 1. Brave on laptop/desktop uses chromium and we support chromium extensions, but curate them into our own S3 from the Chrome Web Store ah, there is @jonathansampson on to second q
jakethepanda @brendaneich How will Brave detect bots designed to give fake attention? (edited)
brendaneich 2. Brave's client-encrypted sync is in beta now, if you use iOS i can connect you with the devs to get a beta build. it works between laptop/desktop systems already, and is coming up in Android too @cannabanana BAT is an ERC20 token on Ethereum. we need smart contracts and benefit from multiple token launches proving the tech and approach no desire to do our own blockchain
mward The BAT wallet will be implemented in Brave browser as a plug-in?
brendaneich we are pragmatists, use bitcoin already in Brave for auto-microdonations
cannabanana will you only accept ethereum for the ICO or will you also be accepting bitcoin?
brendaneich @jakethepanda please see reddit Question • BATProject We have answers, you may not be surprised by them: 1. Rate-limiting. Bots can fake human ad viewing (see, but we'll... @mward no, deeper integration than an extension (plugin still is overloaded for old-style stuff like Flash) can have
brendaneich @cannabanana ETH only, as BAT is an ERC20 token -- we are not launching a new exchange or anything, so other currencies have to be exchanged to buy BAT
boldninja When do you plan to start your initial token offer, will there be any hard cap?
jakethepanda @brendaneich Is this right? Users opt into the BAT system and get paid for their attention. Advertisers pay for ads with BAT. Through a smart contract, BAT is unlocked as users give the ad attention. The unlocked BAT is split up between users, Brave, and publishers.
brendaneich @mward we have BitGo provided bitcoin wallet integration in Brave already, ofc the wallet is on the blockchain not in Brave but the deeper integration is for the private, "chartbeats in your browser" auto-microdonation analytics, and the ZKP protocol over VPN to communicate your donations w/o loss of anonymity or fingerprinting via the list of your top sites
@jakethepanda that is the goal but doing it with real-time BAT flow is in the future, the "Apollo" (or Mars mission) space program phase; we're in "Mercury Redstone" rn, monkeys in buckets on parabolic paths
nt91 When is ico
brendaneich @boldninja @nt91 we haven't announced the date but will very (very) soon, just getting logistics and final audits done
@boldninja cap is $15M of ETH so we have to pin the ratio close to launch given recent vol.
dr10 How will you get Brave Browser to the masses? Any marketing campaign you like to sum up? Any bigger announcement or plan?
jakethepanda How is the split determined between users, publishers and Brave?
brendaneich @dr10 we are growing, mostly organically right now, under 1M MAU but we will (in best case of crowdsale) spend more to growth-hack, which is advertising + funnel analytics / retention analysis loop
tranzer @brendaneich don't know if you have been following tokencard ICO, but they had kind of a fuckup with their smart contract, also they didn't give their address of contract literally before it started. How will you go about this? Will smart contract, address be known beforehand?
brendaneich an important point: if we hit cap we will found a trade group for attention apps and get other apps on board to use BAT and help us get to scale faster with buy side of ad-tech system, also with bigger donor cohorts via membership in trade association
nt91 Once launched how quickly isit likely to join the exchange
brendaneich @tranzer we followed that closely, it was Not Good. we are using a super-simple contract based on FirstBlood, Golem, StandardToken
mward How will you make the crowdsale? Like Gnosis? (Dutch action) The BAT token wil have fixed price at the time of ico?
brendaneich @nt91 can't say, not our biz and we are building the "in game" economics first so exchanges can come any time
brendaneich @mward fixed ratio of BAT for ETH
fixcrypt @brendaneich will all the tx recorded on eth blockchain, or will you manage some sort of payment channels?
dr10 Do you plan to integrate decentralized VPN or Tor-Like stuff? Your browser is really fast, will these things slow it down? Or didnt plan any of this?
brendaneich @fixcrypt all on chain, no preselling, no funny stuff -- we believe in simplicity first, given all the experience in this space
mike would you be interested in using a different blockchain to eliminate all the overhead of paying such a huge network of computers on ethereum to each process every single contract on each computer? (edited)
cannabanana I hope you guys will reconsider accepting more than just eth for the ICO. I have not been able to invest in any of the past like 5 good ones. There's a whole segment of people who wont touch ETH.
tranzer @brendaneich ok I know this is not about BAT, but did you know that Ark is built in JavaScript :smile: ?
fixcrypt @brendaneich how many tx are we talking about? 1 each time there is a basic attention detected? (edited)
brendaneich @dr10 we are going to do Tor private tabs, see GitHub brave/browser-laptop browser-laptop - Brave browser for Desktop and Laptop computers running Windows, OSX, and Linux
we will make it possible to pick a region for exit node from Tor relay network -- so you can unlock region-locked videos, e.g.
yes, Tor slows things down and Tor private tabs turn on fingerprinting protection, turn off most JS, etc. -- that's a good thing
michaelthecryptoguy Very Nice!!
brendaneich @mike i'm a pragmatist and will use whatever blockchain is big enough, robust enough, has functionality we need (smart contracts, ZKP anonymity coming along, etc.). Zcash adding token support this fall, i hear. we don't multiply risk by jumping on bandwagons whose wheels are still off :wink:. we do not try 10 hard things at once -- space program from monkey in can to moon
@cannabanana we are launching an ERC20 token on Ethereum, you buy with ETH, we are not an exchange
the few launches whose contracts hardcoded a bitcoin address were launching exchange-like projects, so could take the risk
we are not doing that
separate concerns
@tranzer i heard :wink:
twitchard What do you think the adoption function for BAT looks like. Do you think there's a critical mass at which adoption will drastically speed up? Or do you think it is more gradual
brendaneich @fixcrypt no, in early phases of BAT program we cannot put each attention event on chain
obv. the chain is too costly, also: not anonymous! big tracking prob
fixcrypt agree
brendaneich we build in hybrid fashion
Brave already has v2 ZKP integrated
requires centralized but open source accounting server
fixcrypt ah yes make sense
brendaneich we'd like someone else to run that (escrow, also could add exchange to fiat as publishers like being paid in fiat)
dr10 Can I visit websites, that block Users, that use addblock? Is there a way to work around this? Currently I use brave browser and some pages block me, because of using addblock. What is your solution to this or do you think these website will change their behaviour?
brendaneich if we can do server to client remote attestation (see we will npm secureworker Run JavaScript inside an Intel SGX enclave
jonathansampson @dr10 That's a bug; let us know which sites are detecting Brave as an ad-blocker, and we'll file Issues on GitHub. We're constantly making improvements in this space, and recalibrating as necessary :slightly_smiling_face:
brendaneich eventually it should all decentralize but that requires the blockchain (a blockchain; could be red-headed lovechild of Ethereum and Zcash lol) to do anonymity and microtransactions both very well
fixcrypt so payment are done on blockchain, but it basically validates on a daily basis a centralised payment channel between all stakeholders
mike like the chart on ad percentages of sites in the whitepaper. I've noticed for a long time the mainstream news sites are the worst to go to, a literal assault on the browser visiting them - have avoided going to them as a result, think you're on to something to mitigate this.
dr10 I visited a german boulevard magazine
brendaneich makes my eyes bleed
dr10 so normally this wouldnt be the case?
yeah its just an example lol
because I know they block addblock people
jonathansampson @dr10 I'll file an issue immediately!
brendaneich @dr10 we get around forbes, wired, latimes, many other anti-adblockers
michaelthecryptoguy Will these be done on a multi - channel?
brendaneich publishers who put up such user-hostile dialogs tend to lose alexa/comscore share
gotta catch up on the Qs
@fixcrypt next
tell me if i missed you
fixcrypt no pb
tranzer Haven't used Brave yet, might try after today, but is it same memory hungry as Chrome is?
twitchard :wave:
1nfinite concerning the ICO - will there only be one? meaning all 700m coins will be distributed through this initial $15m ICO (meaning $1 will net you about 46BAT)? sorry if I'm misunderstanding some of the info you've put out in asking this
dr10 What if I want to support Live-Streams (twitch) or youtube videos by watching their ad (which is not part of the brave system) Can I still turn off this mechanism?
brendaneich @fixcrypt yes, we buffer automicrodonations over 30 days of your uptime (varies by user; if you go on vacation those days don't count) and send Anonize ZKP votes (one per voting session, all over VPN) to our accounting server, along with the total bitcoin per 30 days you pledged. this goes into settlement wallet, the votes go into accounting db
we want to decentralize this as noted, just repeating in case anyone missed
fixcrypt decentralize this will be hard, maybe when segwit is enabled on bitcoin, but ETH, i have no idea (edited)
brendaneich @michaelthecryptoguy sorry, what did you mean by multi-channel?
jonathansampson @dr10 You can track the issue here: (Thank you again for reporting) (edited)
fixcrypt i think decentralizing everything is not always the best solution
brendaneich @tranzer we use less memory than chrome by virtue of ad and tracker blocking but we have some bugs to fix pre-1.0 (which i think will be in june) -- i use brave on all OSes, also use a bit of other browsers to keep up with joneses but i've cut back and tried to live in brave. on macOS i am still bugged by mem use (i'm a tab hoarder) and some lag bugs but we are on them -- will fix this month!
michaelthecryptoguy one blockchain ledger with multiple transactions, instead of being signed one at a time (edited)
brendaneich @1nfinite yes, selling 700M, floating 300M on side for user growth pool (100M), trade association, team, and future reserve
1nfinite thanks!
tranzer so 70% to ICO and 30% for team / user growth? Sounds reasonable (more than gnosis :joy: )
moobox this is great to talk to brave devs - pls to make websites look like this: (173kB)
brendaneich @fixcrypt you could be right, centralization or let's say trusted third parties have existed since at least agriculture (10K years?) so we as pragmatists must consider some -- but we don't like "trust me" / "don't be evil", we prefer "trust Math" / "can't be evil"
michaelthecryptoguy then the last transaction is added to the blockchain
dafty what failsafes are planned to stop bots (eg, running selenium) from mocking a real human and gaining bat tokens? how do you know a user is actually a user?
jonathansampson @moobox We will support themes in a future release, as well as extensions to modify page presentation. If you have any favorites, please let us know :slightly_smiling_face:
moobox thank you sir
michaelthecryptoguy to improve the cost of using eth network
dr10 There are lot of small companies, Twitch/Youtube content creators which live by ads. These ads aren't yet part of the Brave-System. Will there be a smooth transition? Can I still turn off the brave-mechanism and watch these ordinairy ads, to support individuals or are they forced to switch over to Brave?
fixcrypt @brendaneich trust the code that can be hacked, or trust the people that can be evil… Make your choice. DAO vs Banks
brendaneich @michaelthecryptoguy yes, we must batch -- at first in-browser. auditable open source required, verified builds if OS/toolchain support them. there is a level of endpoint software trust in any attention ecosystem but part of the trade association idea is to standardize stuff, including ZKP and VPN rules for submitting the private ledger to the blockchain or equivalent, also auditing requirements to use BAT
cannabanana I trust bitcoin but I don't trust bitmain is not evil
brendaneich @moobox are you just asking for a dark theme? on our roadmap
moobox well this is a plugin for firefox that swaps out all website colors - nothing like it for chrome yet except an ugllly one
brendaneich @tranzer yeah, GNO didn't sell enough IMHO but i'm not on team so won't throw stones -- just sayin' as observer
mward Why only 15M$ max? Don't you think the ico will end very fast?
moobox i am just hoping maybe some person sees it and says "i want that too"
tranzer @brendaneich are you still active in JavaScript development? Could there be any kind of cooperation with Ark in the future (also asking main dev of Ark @fixcrypt ) ?
brendaneich @dafty did you see the reddit link above? besides real (costs money, boots on ground; we're evaluating Blockscore rn) KYC, we have rate limits in mind based on humans, and flow limits so a compromised real user or convincing fraudster can't get $MMs of BATs from friends and family and then pass KYC to send off to a mixer
cannabanana :trollbounce: not to mention two of us are in the bay area
brendaneich start with in-game economics, no exchanges
1nfinite any chance you'll incorporate certain requirements for investments above xx number of Eth for the crowdsale? to prevent 20 big players from buying up the whole thing?
axente How are you guys legally setup? Swiss foundation?
jonathansampson @moobox We have heard similar requests from other users, and are eagerly working towards a release that supports both theming of the browser, and styling of the content. Let us know if you have any other ideas/requests :slightly_smiling_face:
brendaneich add KYC on publishers getting donations (done in prototype form in Brave using bitcoin rn)
add KYC for users wanting to withdraw -- this also means rate/flow controls
fixcrypt @tranzer well the only point would be to use ark as the payment network, instead of ETH, i don’t see any other interaction. Also maybe make brave agnostic enough so people can choose their network payment
brendaneich but for many users the opt-in zero-knowledge ad revenue is not enough to withdraw and they'll donate it
you can net-zero your monthly spend: make ad rev on non-top-20 sites, donate to top 20
I should add we want to start with user-private ad channels, like WeChat
we won't put ads on publishers's slots without their consent and partnership
some will come fast but bigs will be slow
so we're looking for user private ads: in separate tab, wechat-like bot, fullscreen channel, etc.
these can pay most rev share to user
still rate limited, no couch potato as a service lol
dr10 what about the twitch/youtube question? How could this work out?
brendaneich @dr10 we've always had a design that denotes payee with URL including path to youtube/twitch account, not just domain name
but we start with domain name for beta/MVP
will get team on twitch/youtube in coming months, it's hot topic
everyone wants it, we're just busy (24 people now)
crowdsale will help
can hire more to parallelize a bit
dr10 so you are working on a solution to pay off individuals within the brave-system, right?
@ yt / twitch
brendaneich @mward we debated cap on and consensus was to keep at $15M -- but a few still suggest raising or no cap, much concern about fast sell-out and whales buying too much
mward yes, that is my concern.
look at gnosis distribution..
brendaneich @tranzer yes, i'm on Ecma TC39 and still active / consulted
mward you need a lot of small investors, not whales
dr10 When you implement Tor-like stuff. Can I also Download stuff via ToVpn? just using the Tor-Tab to download
brendaneich @1nfinite we aren't going to change the contracts, in third audit currently. we can't really limit whales who have tools to buy from lots of addresses
@axente we are not swiss but looking at tax optimization structures pre-launch; brave is delaware (US) c corp; trade group would be 501c6, need to pass IRS muster so that is many months after launch
axente Oke thanks
1nfinite got it, thanks. So will there be a cap for how much can be donated per address?
brendaneich @fixcrypt code is hacked, security never done; no silver bullets. but people are easier to hack and hack themselves lol
dr10 Is the brave browser running in a sandbox like chrome?
dafty how are inappropriate ads handled on the network, is there some form of reputation system for advertisers?
brendaneich @mward GNO sold too little, cetaceans eat too much agreed. GNT sold more and we can't find on-chain huge buys
@dr10 use Tor private tab, yeah
jonathansampson @dr10 That is correct.
brendaneich btw does everyone know Brave supports magnet: and .torrent now via WebTorrent integration?
@dr10 yes, we use chromium with the same sandbox -- had to fork electron hard (twice) to do this, btw. Slack uses unsandboxed chromium renderer processes :disappointed:
tranzer I think I'm sold on brave today will definately try it out
jonathansampson @tranzer Awesome. Let us know if you have any feedback!
brendaneich @dafty we haven't taken any ads at all yet so start from clean slate. no exchanges, ads bearing malware get thru, also fraud on sell side steals revenue by putting real ads into fake slots clicked by fake users Methbot | White Ops Digital Advertising Security. Enterprise Security Solutions. Bots are bad for business; we're bad for bots. (4kB)
our plan is to go direct to agencies who get ads from brands
our ads are opt in
no surprises for our users who want and expect baseline Brave to block
djselery @brendaneich what are your feelings about IPFS?
dr10 Will the Paying/receiving of tokens in the brave system be easy to understand for non-tech people? Is there some kind of tutorial or easy buttons or something like that? This is a total new environment for people. You have any plans for "educating" people or making it easy to use. Like a browser-integrated Balance? Easy overviews?
brendaneich if you opt in, you can start with light touch but to get BAT out you must KYC
@dr10 have you used Brave Payments (beta) yet? the support is built in
usable UX
tranzer will you need to do KYC also if you transfer to Brave and after that decide to put it out on exchange?
brendaneich we are moving (with new name, not "Payments") to second beta with Stripe as partner for users to fund automicrodonation wallet without seeing bitcoin
dr10 I have it installed and browse with it, but it is not taking me by the hand. I wouldnt know whats going it. I will look deeper into it.
brendaneich @djselery juan DMed me and we chatted about their JS implementation following WebTorrent into Brave -- it could happen. couldn't take the Go impl :wink:
@tranzer if you buy BATs as investor, no KYC -- just send ETH to token contract once launched, get BAT back
dr10 Maybe implementing something like a tutorial when starting brave browser would be nice. I am thinking of people who dont know any of this stuff and are not interested into researching it a whole lot
alexius89 @brendaneich are there partnerships with any exchanges (Bittrex, Bitshares etc.) planned or already confirmed after the crowdfund has ended?
geezee @brendaneich you should accept ARK :smile: :smile:
brendaneich @tranzer if you are a user of Brave after we launch BAT and have it integrated, and want to opt into ads, no KYC at first but the funds (to which you will have multisig custody, similar to bitcoin setup with BitGo wallet today in Brave for donations) flow in API-keyed and browser-automated fashion toward the accounting server that settles donations behind the anonize barrier
@tranzer if you want to send BATs from your wallet to other destinations then KYC needed
@dr10 go to Preferences / Payments; the Coinbase buy widget integration is US-only and a bit much for average users, wherefore our Stripe partnership
if you have BTC already, you can just fund your wallet and start
we have pinning (Patreon in the browser) in 0.15.2 now
so you can support sites with x% of your monthly budget whether you browse there or not
dr10 Will I earn more then I pay, when I chose to accept to watch these ads?
brendaneich @dr10 you don't have to pay at all, you can just earn
both donations (currently and in future) and ads (still to come, after BAT launch) are opt-in and separate
dr10 so basically what you say... the average dude can earn money just by browsing? It will be of couse small amounts, but better then nothing
fixcrypt @brendaneich on a business model side, is Brave team earning directly from this (ie part of the revenue redirected to the team for further development)?
tranzer Will bat have finitive coins and nothing added after few years or is there some subsection where you can increase token numbers via smart contract in the future ?
brendaneich @fixcrypt we are selling 70% and 30% floats on side. 10% is user growth pool. remaining 20% is reserves for team, (shorthand for; also have, and poss. user growth reserve
dr10 what if nobody choses to donate to pay money to the ad-publishers/BAT. doesnt the concept break down? I mean many people just want to earn. They watch these ads and get money.
brendaneich @fixcrypt biz model for Brave is not fundraising, though -- that's mostly burned down as non-recurring engineering, marketing (ads and growth hacking), etc.
biz model is small percentage (currently 5%) of automicrodonation gross, and larger (maybe 15%) off gross ad spend
these will be public numbers, we want transparency
if we do user-private ads, 85% of rev could go to user
part of Brave's brand is a set of promises: your data only on your devices in clear; we don't track, or store cleartext; rev share to you for opt-in ads at least as our share.
fixcrypt @brendaneich i see some maintenance with regular upgrades from chrome and advertisers relationship, so it needs a regular funding from transations i agree.
brendaneich @dr10 if everyone free-rides then system collapses; note this is risk today on Web, without Brave (which is small-share browser)
on Web today you can use a strong ad blocker like Brave, or
fixcrypt also will the revenue from donations will be contractual on the blockchain?
cannabanana do you have a contingency plan in case of critical ETH failure in the future?
brendaneich @tranzer contract is super-simple, we are making 1e9 BATs, no plans for more. can subdivide, expect appreciation but then use mostly as medium of exchange and unit of account, not store of value. don't want everyone hoarding. as with real world economies if everyone saved the system would collapse
michaelthecryptoguy for example the double spend issue like bitcoin had
dr10 What are your arguments for people donating for ads/keeping the money circulated. Why shouldn't they just cash-out their money?
Can you tell me an example of how much I would earn by browsing an hour? What is it depending on? Is there a good example to tell to people?
tranzer How are you going to counter exchange BAT price fluctuations? We all know tokens are highly volatile can go up 200% in a day or fall 50% in a day. How will you determine how much is someone paid ? Will you use USD value at time of contract with publisher / advertiser?
cannabanana @brendaneich wouldn't it be better to have a better distribution of BAT tokens during the ICO? currently in our environment with ICOs which have been selling out instantly is that there are like 10 whale ETH investors who get all the coins and hoard leaving out like 99.5% of the people who would have invested. (edited)
dr10 Dont know if I missed it. How much BAT will I get for 1 ETH?
fixcrypt @tranzer agree volatility is something advertisers don’t like (edited)
brendaneich @fixcrypt good q about transactional on blockchain, we do it all on bitcoin blockchain currently. we want transparency
have i mentioned ad tech is full of non-transparency, price gouging, etc.?
see Digiday ‘A proverbial black box’: Open-exchange auctions have a transparency problem - Digiday Demand-side platforms are unclear about how supply-side platforms charge their publisher partners, and they can't tell if a bid price is inflated. (199kB) Yesterday at 6:00 AM
@dr10 we haven't pinned the ratio and won't till close to launch date in view of ETH volatility
we are raising $15M equiv
dr10 tranzers question is good
like to know that too
brendaneich @cannabanana global war, giant meteor impact, etc. -- "exiguous circumstances" -- leave us with no good alternative, i mean this in deep civilizational sense. BAT launch will be least of our concerns. Short of these, the risk to Ethereum is low. could have primal flaw in design exposed. would have to rebase on another blockchain -- would be hard, tons of risk
catching up...
cannabanana do you guys even believe in blockchain?
tranzer Rebase to Ark :trollbounce:
cannabanana ok, nm.
brendaneich @tranzer can't volatility hedge yet (gamma hedge) as far as i know -- anyone know diff?
@cannabanana i believe in blockchain -- as with standards, the great thing about blockchains is there are so many :stuck_out_tongue:
@cannabanana we see no whalesign in GNT; if you mean GNO, see above. they sold too little
cannabanana well I also believe but not in ETH so you are basically only allowing ETH believers to partake in your project
michaelthecryptoguy Wow!! You are doing great @ brendaneich :goodjob: In the dedication and effort department! ::ghostfaceuk_node: (edited)
mward @cannabanana you can simply exchange btc to eth for ico. After ico ends and you have tokens, sell them for profit :trollbounce:
cannabanana and many projects recently "sold out" within minutes by 2m equivalent single transactions
@mward I wont ever buy any eth ever
brendaneich @cannabanana we are not religious about it, as noted above: tokens on Ethereum are proven tech (still young, mistakes and latent bugs, risk for sure but less than alternative token/smart-contract platforms). we are using Ethereum for smart contract based tokens and that's it
cannabanana that's not the point
you still must believe in it if you are only accepting eth
brendaneich @cannabanana did you actually check "many projects" to prove whalesign? we looked at some and aside from GNO couldn't find it
cannabanana :slightly_smiling_face: g/l
brendaneich @cannabanana we believe stuff, yes; have to believe to get up in morning, do anything
cannabanana i've been following altcoins since 2013
yes, i've seen them sell out in minutes
brendaneich but we are not Ethereum true believers in some zealot sense
cannabanana then why not accept bitcoin for the ICO
because of hte risk you said.
brendaneich i will say ETH price rise is scary; but EEA (JP Morgan -- federal reserve founder!) backing Ethereum is huge
mike i had a very bad experience with HEAT using Ethereum, still have to pursue it to track it down - time consuming so have put it off. Used an online wallet, jaxx, i think, since installing and waiting days for blockchain was a lot more than i wanted to deal with. Maybe there are better alternatives now.
cannabanana sorry man, didnt mean to hijack your ama
brendaneich @cannabanana accept bitcoin how?
hardcode a bitcoin address in the token contract?
Zooko's XCAT scheme?
it's cool but no thanks
K.I.S.S. rules
we will not multiply risk (odds ratios) of independent events
that's a good way to die
cannabanana wow you are a jerkoff man
I just wanted to invest in your project
but wont touch eth
brendaneich i was at a startup before Netscape (MicroUnity), talked to Jim Clark when I got to Netscape. said "we were doing ten hard things at once that all had to work for success" and Clark said "odds were 1e-10!"
cannabanana good god, good for you man
1nfinite way to be respectful @cannabanana - just because of some feud you have with ETH, too
brendaneich @cannabanana i'm not the one calling names here
techbytes let's not digress... stay on topic please
brendaneich i do like XCAT, check it out. cross chain atomic transactions
1nfinite thanks for the transparency here and taking the time to answer our questions @brendaneich
brendaneich np
i think i'm over time
did i miss anyone's q?
dr10 dr10 What are your arguments for people donating for ads/keeping the money circulated. Why shouldn't they just cash-out their money?
Can you tell me an example of how much I would earn by browsing an hour? What is it depending on? Is there a good example to tell to people?
brendaneich @dr10 thanks
dr10 np :smile:
tranzer Thanks brendan for answering all of my questions - good luck with the project I'll be sure to participate
brendaneich if people see ads and cash out, the ad business is working and perhaps it dominates
moobox thank you for answering my questions also
brendaneich today's web relies mostly on ads, few paywalls and they convert poorly
i have a feeling with automatic, anonymous microdonations and payments we will see more of that and less reliance on ads
but cannot count ads out, for sure
mike any chance of eliminating the KYC so people can just withdraw their BAT and trade it?
brendaneich @dr10 comScore had a figure of 100 page views per user per day
devin Bitcoin is to slow
mike i don't see where kyc adds any value for the users.
tranzer @mike you won't need KYC if you are just going to trade as far as I got this (edited)
brendaneich assume we partner on one ad per page (just for easy math; i don't like this model and think user-private ad channel with one ad per day might be much better)
100 ad impressions per day, 3000/month, if $3CPM that is $9/month
twitchard Is there some way/what do you think would be the best way for developers interested in advancing your mission to contribute?
brendaneich if we put the ads in user private channel and share 85% to user, that is $7.65/month to user
$3CPM is low figure
dr10 CPM means?
mike like the idea very much over all.
noslawxtrafries cost per impression I believe
brendaneich it's an ad cost model: Cost Per Mille (Mille from Latin for 1000 impressions)
video ads pay more; not just CPM but CPX for X = watch a video by quartiles; watch to end; click on download promotion after end (usually game ad)
mike so KYC is just to withdraw to fiat, but to withdraw to an exchange or another wallet is unrestricted?
brendaneich @devin yes, bitcoin too slow; no privacy either (edited)
devin Screw bitcoin
I want a project that accepts both
brendaneich @mike KYC is required or fraud kills the system faster than regulators (who will kill it too) (edited)
@devin there are projects doing this but they are "upstream" of ours
dr10 What are your 3 major arguments for mass adoption of Brave Browser. - Some Slogan you would give to magazines, etc.
brendaneich Fast (3-7x, see next link), Private, and you get paid for your attention
but remember we want the 501c6 trade association if we sell out. BAT is for multiple apps
mike have you looked at Blockstack for ID as an alternative to KYC?
brendaneich more than Brave
@mike yes (I know founders and saw them recently); that doesn't help
dr10 yeah but Brave will be the flagship of BAT token, right? Or any other big vision planned? (edited)
brendaneich @dr10 Brave will be first, yes
eventually everything here should be a standard
nothing's proprietary
twitchard Could BAT be implemented as a plugin/extension to other browsers? (Would it be more practical to fork?) (edited)
dr10 good question
mike or is KYC just needed for a threshold to withdraw above. it does seem there would be a pratical limit of how much organic ad traffic a user would be exposed to.
brendaneich blockchain, ZKP, even functional specs for KYC, definitely payments -- all should be standards used by lots of apps and services and people
@mike please find "rate" and "flow" above
ryano Dpos is probably the best consensus approach for things like this
devin @brendaneich thanks
brendaneich @twitchard BAT in extension is unclear as extensions have limited APIs, and often must be loaded from a store that has rules
kik got thrown out of iOS app store for doing its own payments some years back
CWS kicked out Ad Nauseum
mike i can see where someting is needed to mitigate clickfarms in low wage regions.
brendaneich i'm half hour overtime so have to go soon
@mike yes, and sybil attacks to route funds to a mule
stuff like that
ryano Thanks for your time Brendan
twitchard Thank you
brendaneich np, it was fun (except for the jerkoff thing :-/)
tranzer Thanks good luck
dr10 thank you very much
ryano Let me guess canna ?
cannabanana lol
man I asked a legit question and got shit on
so fuck it
jakethepanda Hi everyone. As Brendan mentioned, he will be wrapping up the AMA. @brendaneich Thank you for your time.
1nfinite thanks @brendaneich , learned a lot just from the terminology you've been using. Will spend time looking into all this, but your project sounds great
ryano Still dude, it's not good if you are predictably the one causing trouble
brendaneich @dr10 here's the "Fast" money shot
cannabanana well some people can't all be agreeable
brendaneich uploaded this image: Pasted image at 2017-05-09, 10:33 AM Add Comment
ryano You are the only one where this is an ongoing issue
It's bad for our community
cannabanana no, it's not. it's good because I give a different perspective on things. I'm not like you and I don't agree.
you think the success of ark has been on the backs of all the "good" ones?
brendaneich @cannabanana us taking ETH and me giving the reasons why we won't multiply risk is not me shitting on you -- we will have to just miss out on you this time. i wish we could take multiple currencies but it's an exchange problem at this point. maybe XCATs help in future
cannabanana I asked a legit question about what if it fails. what about hte investors?
is that not a legit question?
cannabanana if you want me to put money in, I want to put in something I believe in
not something I dont
mike yes, if they want to stick with ETH, it's their call. Obviously plenty of ICOs have been successful with it, so it will continue in the future.
cannabanana consumers too, it's the same thing if it fails then the system is gone then the peopel who bought the bat to use are all out too.
brendaneich @cannabanana that's ( fair and it means in a market, sometimes you don't make a deal -- you hold out for better product later (edited)
calling names and getting mad because someone won't do what you demand -- not fair. my 2 cents anyway
ryano You can't be calling guests jerk offs and trolls every time they don't tell you what you want. This is an ongoing issue with you. Nobody else here is lashing out at people except you and there are nearly 2000 people here.
jamiec79 oh lordy...
jamie exits the room quietly
cannabanana you know what nm
techbytes @brendaneich appreciate you stopping by today. Will put AMA on Reddit for others to find out more about your project.
brendaneich @techbytes thanks for having me
ryano Thanks Brendan
nt91 Brendan thank you for coming
ominous.shark Yeah, thanks for the AMA! @brendaneich ARK community appreciates it!
mike thanks for taking the time to talk with us about BAT, good luck with it.
michaelthecryptoguy :goodjob: Brendan and :goodluck: with the BAT ICO (edited)
boldninja Thanks @brendaneich - good luck with BAT
brendaneich thanks again
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