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Explain to me what Bitcoins are like you are Mr. Spock and I am Dale Gribble.

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Two NEW 2-way ATMs in Manhattan NYC! (Gramercy/Kips Bay & SoHo)

-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA512 Hey New York! This is a friendly message from the same coin_trader you may already know from trading on Localbitcoins or #bitcoin-otc on freenode IRC (you can verify it's us by our PGP sig for this message - obtain our public key from the gribble bot on freenode, or our LBC profile homepage link) We've just installed 2 new fully compliant ATMs here on the island of Manhattan, one each at both of The Henley Vaporium locations! /// NYC ATM LOCTIONS! /// One is at The Henley Vaporium 350 3rd Ave between 25th & 26th streets, and the other is at The Henley Vaporium 23 Cleveland Place between Spring & Kenmare streets. /// NYC ATM LOCATIONS! /// These locations are open about 12 hours every day from approx 11am-11pm, and they will both buy AND sell bitcoins! Also, they're very chill shops where you can learn all about e-cigs, the vaping culture, and hang out in the relaxed atmospheres while you conduct your bitcoin transactions Contact us anytime here on reddit, twitter, gmail, or LBC. https://localbitcoins.com/accounts/profile/coin_trade We'll have photos up on coinATMradar shortly! -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQIcBAEBCgAGBQJVPA8+AAoJEMJQ5H7es9dSRoMP/idlGcCUGAtM90mq5FmESq9p utvnbX4YdeaIydZxMbxqeAIejb+JIesvq/Ct/JMzIFieLjYoqh/bR63b8f8uiT9O oOlmBWqbCToEEuSbr6ESTb5i4amCFlyvjhsTenioGR3A5C41tBBEZVNUuwIQknHT +216gtvhK5MUPA2k1M5srx+4xEKlICddxzwGZ+eKelNu1rVwdDqcj7dvGNvEeuFu HoX2XwSPXkVe0UGlElKqfUclwrWRmjZegysnQuXIkiwQHHR61SO7CzUnMUioOukm 5+uwyGeNlGR39TlGqubFJ1FzYAV7X0jWbceLzLJU7vyAUtmF/B6/y1Z2ndYtzzyH qCRX3MhZCN+XGTADiCSrmDF5rRAH6kLWmw2sE8dRDIdAxdSdUEYijQqsiGizytQC ZskJ4DMqwhRbH2zgN57np07UOnfatdP58QOqn1LSXyYezFHNwRMM5xCXHfwP75Ki 2ansh3FDJGFd+2AOKq5Bl1D2K9NYREFGR8uZjpv8epmI3WnYy+vtSo9OSoBNV+ mRkg2aAoqeYjW4F+SwuGtRdEZ3Abq4d4HjruRGGRNx5VoZmnrILuF/ksXJzAakkZ Rkm6UZZvorfgCPP9tyxXvksuJdtpj1EDBKHKP/K2kn0EkXhNn5GeSzVXn2wi1D9k X7LdGtC1aM0AfPaa+x2w =jxw0 -----END PGP SIGNATURE----- 
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Joe Rogan - Matt Stone & Trey Parker Are Geniuses - YouTube 10 Sneaky Ways Companies Make Their Millions - YouTube King of the Hill - Documentary Part 1 - YouTube Presentation Miny Mining Farm True Creepy Hitchhiking Horror Story Animated - YouTube

Nickserv registration and Gribble registration are two separate systems. Please make sure you register your nickname with both, and set Nickserv's enforce function on so that nobody can impersonate your OTC identity. Check Bitcoin Address 15nctYywHaQvUnKrCrX5qRQEri2RxwJ4sx for scam, abuses, forum profiles, OTC and other mentions on the internet. Source code. The core of gribble is a modified supybot. Code lives here.. The code for bitcoin-related plugins lives here.. General Info. To get help on any command, try 'help <command>', to get a list of bitcoin-related aliases, run 'apropos bc', and to get a list of factoids, run command 'facts', and click on the link supplied. id nick registered at (UTC) keyid fingerprint bitcoinaddress last authed at (UTC) is authed; 4634: gribble_assassin: 2012-08-25 19:03:48 ... Gribble is a support bot (running modified supybot), setup by SourceForge.net user nanotube for the Freenode IRC channel, #sourceforge. It is present on a number of other channels as well. It is present on a number of other channels as well.

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Joe Rogan - Matt Stone & Trey Parker Are Geniuses - YouTube

Consider supporting me if you want more videos like this: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=6EDWD8HCD5CLN https://www.patr... Have you ever sat and wondered if you're paying too much for something? We've all felt like we're being conned, but here are some examples when you genuinely... Man defending himself at his own murder trial burst out in angry rage. https://www.youtube.com/c/2kLyrics Thanks for watching don't forget to drop a like and subscribe.. Charmaine Teodoro is a Filipina recruited to teach math at a rural school in Colorado experiencing a teacher shortage. Now in her second year and on a J-1 vi...