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Is it safe to use a card on 5dimes these days?

Got out of the bitcoin game recently and I'm aware there were some problems re: credit cards on 5dimes at the beginning of 2017. Not really interested in using bitcoin again and I want to know if a card would be safe.
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Online book for Vegas residents?

I'm currently at 5dimes but not sure I want to stay with them, in fact I'm pretty sure I'm going to pull out as soon as all my current bets this weekend come through. I just don't like how difficult it is to deposit/withdraw funds. I don't use Bitcoin.
Would the best move be to go with one of the local casinos online options or is there an offshore book that gives great bonuses that's also reputable and fast/faster with withdrawals?
Thanks in advance,
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What books do you use and why

I have two books. They serve different purposes. for information,i am an NFL better.
Bovada - my square book. They tend to fade their lines to the public. If you want to play the underdog, you may find better odds here. Sometimes they have decent bonuses on deposit like their recent bitcoin 100% match. Cons are major. They rarely provide lines for match ups that are too close or the public is too hard on. Example, New England this week. They don't want to have a bet where the money is lop sided this much. Also, it takes them forget to post their money lines. Poor selection outside of main stream lines. Their live betting interface is very good.
5dimes - my sharp book. I can get all my lines here, get them early, but you're not going to get the public treatment here. In addition to wide coverage of many sports, I also can easily pick my juice on my bets. Where boss will give me one line, I typically have my choice of three on 5d. When betting against on the board,i can generally pick any spread I want and they'll just adjust the juice. I have to place many of my bets here just because the other sites don't publish lines soon enough for me. It has a few downsides. Security, as has been discussed here, is questionable. The cash out policy requires you to send your password via email. What? The user interface could use some help and the live betting is not great. They offer reduced juice lines as a bonus, but it's a very limited selection that I can rarely put to use.
Would love to see other's opinion on their books or questions on mine
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5dimes Questions

I currently use NitrogenSports.eu for sportsbetting as I exclusively use Bitcoins to spend money online. However, I have noticed that NS simply doesn't have nearly as many lines as sites like bet365, sportsbet, etc. I was recently looking into alternative books which accept Bitcoin and have found that a relatively large book, 5dimes.eu, accepts Bitcoin as a deposit option.
Now, I have a few questions about this site before I sign up.
  1. Does 5dimes have bets like Kobe Bryant to score over 25 points, Manchester City to be winning at half time, Dave Warner to be man of the match vs South Africa, Man U to win 3-2, etc.? I'm just talking about bets other than the usual ML, spreads and oveunders offered on all books.
  2. Can I, say, deposit $500 worth of Bitcoin and then a week later cash out $750 worth of Bitcoin from 5dimes? I ask this as I saw somewhere that you can only cash out a maximum of the amount of Bitcoin that you have deposited (which sounds really, really strange).
  3. Do they ever ask for Identification (passports, drivers licenses, etc.)? I know many "big" sportsbooks like Bet365 and Ladbrokes require identification, usually at cashout. This is a big selling point for me as I prefer to remain anonymous online.
  4. Do any of you have the Bet Tracker bonus from 5dimes? It looks quite cool and I'd like to hear your opinions on it. http://www.5dimes.eu/PopUpsFromRewardsAndPromotions/bet-tracker.html
  5. Anything else I should know about 5dimes before I dive right in? Words of warnings, praise, etc?
Thanks in advance, the reason I am asking here is because I know many of you guys use 5dimes as your preferred sportsbook.
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Quick Heads Up About Intertops Withdrawal

Going through a pretty disappointing withdrawal process w/ Intertops. It's definitely a square book, but I saw some interesting NFL lines and put a few hundred in to see how they worked compared to other US friendly books. Their NFL lines come up pretty late, but they have decent max bets for a smaller book and good live bet options. Their bonus program is bizzare in that you have to deposit, make a bet, and then go through their support chat to request a credit, and the rollover calculation is definetely on the extreme book friendly end of the rollover program spectrum.
Overall, I'd recommend them as an alternate to Bovada or 5dimes, except that their website claims that it takes 48 hours of pending+whatever your withdrawal method's timeframe is (ie additional 48 hours for bitcoin) for a withdrawal. What I didn't realize until trying to withdraw is that there is an additional 4 business day waiting period for each withdrawal. Kind of a drag that it will take ~5 weeks to withdraw winnings, especially when I just had bookmaker handle a ~$10k withdrawal in a matter of hours. Not a deal breaker if you don't spend a lot, but considering that max withdrawals are only $2.5-3K, it's worth factoring into your decision to give that book action. I get that books want a little time for the degenerates to regamble their winnings but 6 business days before even processing the request seems pretty ridiculous to me. YMMV, but I wouldn't recommend Intertops given this.
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5Dimes Casino Review & No Deposit Bonus Codes 2019 - YouTube 5DIMES Sign Up BONUS CODE May 2014 [Limited Time Offer] Bitcoin Casino Instant Deposit and Withdrawal 5DIMES PLAYER STRATEGY (10-12-2019 11-18-05 AM) Americas Cardroom Deposits  Official Bitcoin Deposit ...

5Dimes is one of the most experienced sportsbooks in the US and they give you the chance to choose the Welcome Offer that suits you the most. You can choose the Reduced Juice reward, which is the default offer, or a huge 50% 5dimes deposit bonus up to $520.By selecting the Reduced Juice, you will constantly have higher odds on your favorite sports, but if you will prefer the Welcome Bonus, you ... Most casinos and sportsbooks convert Bitcoin to mBTC. But not 5Dimes. Your deposits will be converted to USD. You can deposit anywhere from $100 to $25,000. Withdrawals (in Bitcoin) are a little more complicated. How much you can withdraw depends on your history. When we reached out for clarification, this is what 5Dimes had to say: 5Dimes Bitcoin Casino Review, covers sports betting odds, payment options, and bonus offers. Start betting on sports at 5Dimes with Bitcoin today! 5Dimes. 5Dimes is a well-known online casino and sportsbook brand that has been around for more than two decades making his way to top sportsbooks in the USA.The site was first established in 1996 to provide online bettors with a professional betting platform to wager on all their sports but you can also play poker at 5Dimes.. Since then, many things have changed at 5Dimes, allowing players to ... Welcome bonuses at 5Dimes are incremental. This bonus gives you free play based on how much you deposit. It is automatically awarded to qualifying deposits. The welcome bonuses here are slightly restrictive in terms of deposit amount requirements. You get 50% on your initial deposit if it is between $100 and $400. After that and up to $2000 ...

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5Dimes Casino Review & No Deposit Bonus Codes 2019 - YouTube

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